Bankruptcy Attorney

Looking for a Cheap, Affordable, and Low Cost Bankruptcy Attorney?

If so, you may be wondering…

  • Do I even qualify to file for bankruptcy?
  • What assets can I keep (my car, house, cash in the bank)?
  • Do I file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
  • Is there any minimum in credit card debt to file for bankruptcy?
  • How much will it cost me to file for bankruptcy?

Filing for Bankruptcy should not cost you thousands of dollars! If you are looking for an affordable bankruptcy attorney, the Law Offices of Alon Darvish provides just that. Our law firm believes that bankruptcy should be affordable to anyone facing financial hardship. Should you be interested in filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, our fees generally start from $900.00 (plus filing fee). We are the most affordable bankruptcy law firm, and our bankruptcy lawyers are committed to achieving your goal – becoming debt free!

Feel free to call our office at (800)921-6513 or complete this form to speak to a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney.


At our office, we strive to provide exceptional service to our clients. That is why we provide two forms of guarantees!

  • First – With our low fees, we will beat any law firm’s price by $100! Our motto is “filing bankruptcy should not cost thousands of dollars.” That is why we can guarantee the lowest fees in town. All you need to do is bring in your fee agreement to your consultation and show it to the attorney with whom you are meeting. We will instantly make your fees $100 less than the fees quoted to you by the other firm for the same representation.
  • Second – We provide a money back guarantee. Should you not receive a discharge in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, we will refund to you your attorneys fees.


What We Offer With Our Bankruptcy Attorney Services…


  • Lowest Cost Possible;
  • Affordable and Low Cost Payment Plans;
  • Lawyer Drafted Bankruptcy Documents;
  • Lawyer Attending Meeting of Creditors; and
  • Best of all – Money Back Guarantee!

Should you not successfully receive a discharge in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, we will refund to you your attorneys fees. To schedule a free phone consultation, please call (800)921-6513.

To learn more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, please feel free to Click Here.

To learn more about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, please feel free to Click Here.

Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney is crucial to making sure you become debt free.  Bankruptcy laws are so complex that  if you decide to file yourself or hire an inexperienced attorney, you may have negative repruccsions (i.e., losing your home in bankruptcy).  Make sure you speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney before you proceed any further.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney